Hello once again it has been a long time since I posted on the blog, I’m sure my subscribers have missed me. Well I had problems with my laptop but now everything is fine. I have made todays post because I have been asked this question more times than I can remember. Most people ask me “how can I call this demon/angel/god?”. It is the most frequent question I was asked every time and now so today let me give you an answer to that.

Before going into much details I want to say something, most people who asked me this question were eager to call on spirit and the demon to solve all their problems over night, though demons/angels/gods do answer our requests sometimes instantly but not all times. Spirit communication as in mastery of any magical greater power is a practice that needs patience, dedication and time to full mastery. Whomever is ready to start practicing on evocation, invocation or any method of your choice must make enough time till they reach the full mastery on this discipline.

With that I think you may have a little picture on what awaits you, now I will give a BASIC TECHNIQUE on calling any demon/angel/god of your choice. I said basic because there is a lot to learn but this will help for anyone who don’t have a clue on where to start when they want to be heard to the other side.


i. 2 candles (1 black 1 white) but any color may do. You may even use a candle color that is associated with the spirit you are calling.

ii. A sigil of the spirit

iii. Enn of the spirit/name of the deity


Draw the deity sigil on piece of paper. For example you want to call Lucifer his sigil is readily available on the internet as most of the spirits sigils.

Secondly find the enn of the spirit which are also available on the internet. For example Lucifer enn is “PRENICH TASA UBERACA BIASA ICAR LUCIFER”. If the deity does not have an enn, you may use his/her name.

Ensure the place you are doing the ritual has dim/no lights. If its possible you may use only the candle lights but if you can’t then ensure there is dim light in the room. Spirits responds well when they are called in darkness and mostly at night.


On my previous posts “a mini guide to effective spirit communicationI listed several methods that can empower your spirit communication methods. For those who have tried and practiced them for while I’m sure they saw the fruits by now.

So, during this ritual we will practice one method that can be achieved through meditation that is DROPPING MIND. This is the situation where you block all of your inner chatter and try to make the mind BLANK. I have to admit you can’t achieve this in a single day but with regular practice it easier practice than you may think.

For as much as you can at the time when you are doing this ritual try not to think of what your problems are or what you are going to have for dinner etc but try to focus all of your mind in a ritual. After all is not a lifetime thing to do, it will just last for few minutes and the you will return to your thoughts as usual after the ritual.


1. Place the sigil in front of you and gaze through it. Drop your mind, don’t try to memorize the sigil but try to see through the paper as if you are looking on the back of the paper through the top. Don’t stare the paper with all of your energy rather gaze through it in a most relaxed way as if you are trying to rest your eyes.

Focus on the lines on the paper after some time you may saw as if the lines are floating on the paper/lines flashing out on the paper. There are some time I even saw the paper is filled with colors green/yellow/purple/blue it may depend on the spirit so anything may happen.

2. After the paper has flashed/some colors have formed if the deity has an enn start to recite the enn. If you can do it a little bit loud that is very great but if you can’t whispering is fine. Try to recite it for minimum of 3 minutes up to 7 minutes it will be fine. But if you want you can do much more than 7 minutes, as I always say “FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION”. If the deity does not have an enn you may vibrate his/her name, though angels have invocation psalms but you may vibrate it like “MIIIIIII-CCCH-AAAAAAA-EEEEEE-LLLL”.

3. Another method which you can incorporate while reciting the enn/vibrate the deity name which I got from gallery of magic books is, you imagine the deity you are calling is in middle of the crowd (you can imagine the deity in human form). As you recite his name the deity becomes more responsive to you and move towards you till he is no longer in the middle of the crowd but standing in front of you. Visualize the deity comes to you slowly as you recite the enn/vibrate the name. Another method you may visualize as you recite the enn the crowd is getting thinner (smaller in number) till you reach at 7 minutes you are left with only a deity that you want to call and the crowd is no longer there. Choose the methods that works for you well.

4. Since this is basic technique, till you reach that stage the deity will be present with you in a room now state what you want in brief and precise sentence. For example you need the girl you like to come and talk to you, don’t start like “You know Duke Sallos I love Margareth but she doesn’t even pay attention to me, she treats me like I don’t exists, do you think you can do anything to help? NOOOO be simple and precise “Duke Sallos make Margareth come into my life and stir her love and passion towards me from deep of her heart”.

After that thank the demon/deity you have called for coming and helping you with your task. Sometimes a deity may suggest some things to you so pay attention to your thoughts and ideas during and after the ritual. Extinguish your candles and go about your business.


On how magic manifests and how you shall behave after ritual read on this. It may help you.

Another thing you shall pay attention is what to expect during the ritual. Most of the times people want to feel something/see supernatural phenomena taking place, well I’m sorry to disappoint you but all that are not needed for ritual to manifest. You may call a deity and feel nothing at all and still what you have asked will be answered. So you don’t need/ expect anything unfamiliar to happen during the ritual, but if you do felt anything don’t be afraid no deity will try to harm you.

With all that said thank you for reading don’t forget to follow my Instagram page @emerald_of_lucifer BE BLESSED.

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